Freelance Multimedia Journalist

“Writing is my therapy.” Jakayla Phillips.

My name is JaKayla Phillips, and I am a graduate of UW-Milwaukee where I received my Bachelor’s of Arts degree with a focus in Journalism.

My journey as a writer started at the age of about 10. I began writing poetry, short stories and plays. At the age of 14, I created my own blog titled “Life’sz No Fairytale” where I posted motivational articles geared towards young girls. In addition, I created a poetry site including all my original poems where I talked about different topics relating to life and love. However, it wasn’t until after the murder of my brother in 2012 that my passion for writing grew as it allowed me to write things I couldn’t express verbally. That is when I knew my career must consist of writing.

While enrolled at UW-Milwaukee, I acquired basic grammatical skills as well as effective long-form writing skills. I then mastered and excelled in journalistic reporting and writing training in upper-level journalism courses. My work has been published on Media Milwaukee, the award-winning news site at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Thus far, I have covered local stories about events such as Blackout Awareness, Open Mic and Doors Open Milwaukee. I’ve written opinion pieces and covered local stories on city activists and gun violence victims.

One of my stories, featuring community activist Vaun Mayes, who was seen standing on the American flag, received much traffic on the social media platform: Facebook.

In addition, I created an audio story of a conversation between my niece and myself talking about the death of her father (my brother), George Phillips, Jr. The audio story has received two awards (Best Audio Story from the Milwaukee Press Club and Honorable Mention by the Society of Professional Journalists) and was shared over 1,000 times on Facebook.

During my years at UWM, I’ve learned business communication and management skills, developed my skills as a print, feature and broadcast multimedia journalist and handled the stress of deadline writing. To conclude, I am very experienced and skilled in Adobe Audition and Photoshop, Soundslides and IMovie.

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